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Broadacre Ready

Spray up to 40 acres per hour

Highly Adaptable

Full and partial field spray, fertilize, and seed

Cost Effective

Starting at $36,699 CAD

Meet The

DJI Agras T50

real coverage

Real Capability

With the introduction of the DJI Agras T50, finally there is a solution that makes sense for Canadian prairie agriculture. With an average coverage rate of up to 40 acres/hour or more, a spray drone system can be an excellent complement to any size of farm.

This revolutionary new spraying method avoids the tracks and compaction in the field from high-clearance sprayers, allows applications over wet and rough terrain, and is ready to go when you need it, not just when your custom applicator can schedule it in.

Efficient Spraying

Efficient Spraying

Spray 30 foot (11 meter) swaths at
up to 2 US gal./acre (7.5 L/acre)

Spray and Spread

Spray and Spread

10.5 US gal. (40 L) spray tank,
18.5 US gal. (50 kg) spreader (option)

Water Resistant

Water Resistant

IPX6K water and dust resistant,
ready to be washed

Fast Application

Fast Application

Up to 40 acres/hour (16.2 ha),
fully autonomous flight planning

Advanced Nozzles

Advanced Nozzles

Dual atomization
centrifugal spraying system

Object Avoidance

Object Avoidance

Omnidirectional radar vision,
obstacle sensing and navigation

Farmer Tough

Farmer Tough

Rigorously built and tested,
support and warranty assured

Parts & Repairs

Expedited shipping to
everywhere in Canada


Group and individual
DJI Academy training


Drone pilot licensing and
regulatory / SFOC guidance

On-Call Support

Experienced, local technicians
ready to help you


Service & Support

Green Aero Tech offers everything you need to operate your new spray drone confidently.

We provide training, regulation assistance, real-time support, and carry a large supply of parts & accessories to keep you running.

As a drone service company with over a million acres mapped, we know how to keep drones operating efficiently and safely.

And as third generation farmers, we also know how important great service is… and we are dedicated to delivering the best possible experience to you.


Green Aero

At Green Aero Tech, we aren’t just drone guys, we’re farmers too.

Our farm in southern Manitoba was among the first in Canada to use GPS, yield mapping, auto-steer, and many other technologies that are now considered basic necessities in modern agriculture.

As early adopters, we are always looking for the next game-changing technology – and believe that spray drones are it.

We are thrilled to be integrating the DJI Agras platform into our farming operations, and to bring this innovation to other farmers across Canada.

“We’ve waited years for spray drone tech to meet the needs of our farm.

Our wait is over.”

Curtis Hiebert
R&L Acres
Sperling, MB

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DJI Agras T50